1880 - Laura Andrews Free Library and Benevolent Association is incorporated by Connecticut General Assembly, after gift of $3,000 from Seth E. Thomas, Jr. of New York is given to establish a group in memory of his mother, Laura A. Andrews.

1882 - Name of the Association is changed, by an act of the General Assembly, to the Laura Andrews Free Library Association.

1898 - Resolutions are passed at the annual town meeting on October 4 establishing a Town Library, adopting By-Laws for its government, and appropriating $200, and thereafter $100 annually for its maintenance. Laura Andrews Association loans its Library to the Town of Thomaston. Financial support from the Laura Andrews Association continues to this day.

1900-1901 - Randall T. Andrews, an incorporator of the Laura Andrews Free Library Association, offers a site on his property on Grand Street for "the erection of a building thereon for the purpose of a library." (Deed, May 20, 1901). Architects, Griggs and Hunt of Waterbury, Connecticut and New York City design a library building for a total cost of $6,571.00

1906 - Andrew Carnegie donates $1,700.00 to pay off the debt on the library building. Ownership of the building is turned over to the town.

1966 - On December 29, 1966, Friends of the Thomaston Public Library organize with Dr. Winfield Wight, Honorary Chairman and Dr. Daniel Samson, President, to create public interest in and support for a new library building.

1967 - In May, a Building Fund starts with a letter drive.

1968 - Fund-raising drive for the full cost of a new library starts on October 29. Pledges of $134,000 from 759 families, individuals and businesses are realized.

1971 - On June 27, 1971, the new Thomaston Public Library building (7,000 square feet) is dedicated.

1983-1985 - On October 27, 1983, the Town of Thomaston is awarded $200,000 in federal funds to renovate the Laura Andrews Library building as a children's wing and to connect it to the main library. Building committee is established, Patsy J. Piscopo, Chairman. Felix R. R. Drury, Architect of New Haven, is hired to design the renovation. On May 5, 1985, the Laura Andrews Children's Wing (2,000 square feet) is dedicated.

1993-1995 - Grant monies of $200,000 are awarded to library for handicapped accessibility project. Carpeting, main door, bathroom facilities, circulation desk and lighting are improved.

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